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Screen Shot 2012 10 16 at 1.49.11 PM Battle the DrainScreen Shot 2012 10 16 at 1.48.45 PM Battle the DrainScreen Shot 2012 10 16 at 1.48.21 PM Battle the DrainScreen Shot 2012 10 16 at 1.48.59 PM Battle the Drain

Working with the amazing folks over at Evolution Bureau, we were tasked with building a game for Facebook where the character is running through pipes, destroying clogs with her Liquid Plumr products.
This was one of the more fun projects of the year for us. Websites and apps are fun, but games require that extra bit of creativity and problem solving that we enjoy so much.
After going

NOS1 NOS Racing GameNOS2 NOS Racing GameNOS3 NOS Racing GameNOS4 NOS Racing Game

We were asked by our friends at Split Element to assist in the creation of a little racing game for NOS Energy Drink that would live inside a banner and on their Facebook page. Using Flash, we built a fun little game where you can rip around the track in either a sports car or on a long board (skateboard).
Client: NO Energy Drink
Agency: Split Element Inc…
Technologies Implemented: Flash,

Working with the folks at Evolution Bureau in San Francisco, we built a microsite to celebrate the IPO of Zynga. The Flash site invites users to view a live feed of Times Square while Zynga posts user profiles on the giant billboards. There is a gallery where users can come in and find the image of them in Times Square. Finally, users are able to connect the site with their Facebook accou…

Working on a team at Evolution Bureau, we created a Facebook application for ABSOLUT Vodka. The application features a number of humorous videos and enables a user to create a Facebook event, inviting up to 30 of their friends. Facebook event invites are sent to the guests and an Absolut Night event is created, invitees are then able to return to the application to view the personali…

Screen Shot 2011 11 11 at 8.27.19 PM 243x300 Zynga.org CastleVille Happiness MeterScreen Shot 2011 11 11 at 8.27.40 PM 239x300 Zynga.org CastleVille Happiness Meter

Worked closely with the great team at Evolution Bureau to create a Facebook application. The application monitors the likes on the page and releases in-game bonuses as more people like the Facebook page. Fans also have the ability to vote for their favorite one of three charities that they would like Zynga.org to donate money to. They will be donating to all of the charities, but the

device 2011 11 02 124809 The Etiquette App   Now AvailableAbout 8 months ago, we decided that it would be a fun idea to create something that had the potential to be both useful to users and funny. A suggestion from a family member about creating an etiquette guide came to mind and after letting the idea sink in, we decided to build it. We took our time creating content, researching proper etiquette around the world, and compiling a huge databa

west elm 300x219 West Elm Design Challengewest elm 21 300x219 West Elm Design Challenge

Using designs from Standard Time LA, created a Drupal based contest for designers who used West Elm products in their re-model. The site allowed community members to submit their projects that feature West Elm products and allow everyone in the community to vote for their favourites.
Client: West Elm / Williams Sonoma
Agency: Standard Time LA…
Technologies Implemented: Drupal,

dnb 300x214 DnB Culture Online StoreDnB Culture designs t-shirts for the Jungle music community, they needed a website to market and sell their shirts. Working with Drupal and a number of third-party components, we created a store and trained them to manage as many products as needed.
Client: DnBCulture.ca…
Technologies Implemented: Drupal, e-commerce, php, jQuery
Our Role: Develop an e-commerce for a clothing c

screen2 iOS and Android Game : Ransom LettersWe are happy to announce the launch of our first Mobile Application, Ransom Letters. This is slated to be the first of many applications brought to you by Cult Creative. It is currently available on Android devices that support Adobe AIR applications, but an iOS version is coming VERY soon.
Ransom Letters is built with Adobe AIR 2.6 and therefore requires the Air Application to be in…

breath right Breathe Right BannersWe built a series of banners where the user was able to peel off the strip and get access to a free Breathe Right sample. This banner was done in 3 sizes, with 2 variations and was used across the web and on a page take-over of The Weather Network.
Client: Breathe Right
Agency: Grey Canada
Technologies Implemented: Flash / Actionscript
Our Role: Flash Motion / Development

share save 171 16 Breathe Right Banners

seton 1 300x265 Seton Urban Districtseton 2 300x214 Seton Urban District

Seton is a district in the Calgary, AB area that is being developed. We were tasked with developing a site to demonstrate all the different aspects of the area. Working with Suitcase, we developed a full site including an interactive video walk-through of the entire district. We developed the site using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, along with some Flash / Actionscr

ontario Ontario Education BannersWe created a series of 3 banners for the Government of Ontario, in both French and English based on Grey Canada’s designs and concepts. The banners showed the plethora of opportunities available to those who attended Ontario’s many colleges and universities. Using a combination of Actionscript and timeline animation, we put together 3 separate banner executions


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Two years ago, to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday, my wife and I made a cake for him. It was our first time attempting the construction of a cake that was more artful with our own fondant and designs. Last year we decided to step it up a notch and add a little bit of motion and sound to the cake (see it here)…. Family and friends liked it a lot and we were challenged to up our game for

Last year, Krista and I (founders of Cult Creative) delved into the world of making cakes. It was our nephew’s first birthday and we wanted to make something special for him. We ended up getting in a little bit over our heads and spending the better part of 2 days making a cake for him, complete with homemade fondant and cake pops. (see below).

224548 10151077481392610 1910228896 n 300x225 Arduino and Thomas Birthday Cake 282365 10151077617477610 966164 n 225x300 Arduino and Thomas Birthday Cake

Turned out that we weren’t half bad at ma

With Pi Day fast approaching, we thought it would be useful for our readers to take a look at some of the tutorials that we have written surrounding the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Mindwave Mobile.  They can be found on the Creative Technologists of Toronto blog:
Raspberry Pi Setup – Quick and Simple
Interfacing with the Mindwave Mobile
Connecting and Communicating – R…

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we are part of a group called the Creative Technologists of Toronto (cttoronto.com)….  Our goal is to learn and create, every two months we aim to build a new project utilizing different technologies that we haven’t necessarily worked with in the past.  This session we targeted Pi Day (March 14, 2013) as our target date and we have been wo

A year ago, we wrote and told you about our move to Kelowna, well, things have changed again. After enjoying the mountains and the beaches in western Canada for a year, we have moved everything back to Toronto. It was beautiful out west, but we missed the city a little bit too much; so we came back in October.
More news, now that we are back in Toronto. We have joined forces with a bunch of di…

We are writing this today to continue sharing our learnings about the idiosyncrasies in the Facebook API. We have talked before about some of the ‘missing’ documentation that we have come across, but this one almost drove us bonkers.
We were making a page that had a requirement for a ton of like buttons on it. We tried to use the Graph API, but the process was rejected beca…

Screen Shot 2012 10 16 at 1.29.48 PM Citrus EngineWhat is it?
Citrus engine is a Flash game engine. It incorporates physics and level editing for building side-scrolling 2D games in Flash. The latest version of Citrus Engine is built to work on top of the Starling Framework (gamua.com/starling) allowing the engine to publish itself as 2D to Stage3D, thus enabling hardware acceleration.
Why Citrus?
Citrus Engine is now a free fra

starling framework Starling FrameworkWe were recently asked to make an iPad app, we were told that there would be a website along-side it that required almost all the same functionality. Obviously we wanted the quickest solution to get both done and have them function similar to one and other. The first thing that we thought of was Unity, but that would require the site to either have a plugin or be built in some other techno

Over the past while it has seemed like a lot of the designers that we work with are making use of Smart Objects in Photoshop more and more. This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. It should always be the developer’s goal to make the live site look as close to the design as possible, there are some things that make that harder and some things that help that along greatly.

Working with dozens of designers over the past 2 years, we have learned a lot about things that often get overlooked in designs. We are not saying this is any one’s fault in particular. A lot of things that would be great to have are just not standard practice for everyone and not generally discussed when planning a project.
In our previous posts “Process in Interactive&…

air 300x158 Adobe AIR Native Extensions for MobileOver the past year we have created multiple mobile applications using Adobe AIR with Flash Builder. We have talked about both the good and bad side of things. Among the biggest negatives associate with development have been performance and access to a lot of the native features of mobile operating systems.
A couple months ago, Adobe released AIR 3.0 (and now AIR 3.1). With this came

For the past couple of days we have been taking a crash course in developing mobile applications in Flex to improve performance for our current mobile app (The Etiquette App) and for future apps. We have come across a ton of documentation that has really helped! There are two blogs that have some great tutorials and examples for skinning components using Flash Builder 4.5/4.6. They…


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One thing that has been slightly documented in the Starling forums is the copyAsBitmapData function. There were a couple issues that we had with the examples that were posted, mainly that things are always changing in the system and there are non that reference the current build in GitHub (Oct 17, 2012)….
The reason that we need to take the snapshot of objects is primarily to be able to

If you aren’t sure what Starling is, check here… for our thoughts on the framework. One thing that we struggled with from the beginning with Starling was memory management, flash and ActionScript has always struggled with memory on mobile devices, so we were quite concerned. Our first Starling app was for graphics-heavy and there was a lot of drawing to bitmaps and re-using t

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we showed you how to use the JPGEncoder and PNGEncoder classes to save files to your server for user sharing. What we didn’t show you was how to generate an image for the user to save. The process is almost identical, but there are a couple of key differences that we are going to point out in this tutorial.
* we recommend reading through part 1… for some back

Saving images from Flash is something that has been around for a while, thanks to the JPGEncoder and PNGEncoder in Mike Chamber’s as3corelib code library…. We have been doing this for years, it is nothing new with Flash / ActionScript 3. Just the same, it never hurts to share some code and help someone out that may not have done this before or would like to have a utility class to ha

We have had to work a lot with loading and displaying images over the past couple of years. There are a couple things that we always find ourselves needing to do and looking for the best way to do it. When an image is loaded and it needs to be manipulated to fit into a given area, we don’t want to just scale it, we want to fit it in a give area by scaling proportionally and cropping it so th…

mobileStorage Local File Access / Editing for Android and iOSRecently, while building The Etiquette App… in Flash Builder for both Android and iOS we decided that the best way to allow for data updates was to store the data files locally and intermittently check for updates on our server. If there is a data update, the app checks for a connection, loads the new data and completes the update as needed.
While trying to make this all work, we ran into a

Over the past couple of years, we have created dozens of Facebook applications, page tabs, etc. It seems like everyone wants to do something new and different with Facebook. A lot of the time the projects have been built with Flash / AS3 which means that there is no code support on Facebook’s developer site. Fortunately Adobe and Facebook have worked together to create an API t…

Yes, we know, there are a million different Flash Image Gallery tutorials out there ! So why are we writing this one so late in the game? Mostly because when we scour the Flash / Actionscript forums, there are still hundreds of questions about how to load images from XML, or how to build image galleries in general. What we are going to try to do here is break the process of creating an Image…

What is Apparat?
apparat logo Flash Builder and ApparatApparat is an open source framework created by Joa Ebert (http://blog.joa-ebert.com/…) and built to “optimize ABC, SWC and SWF files.” There is not a whole lot of documentation for it yet, but we will do our best to show how to use it based on our experience.
Reading through what information is out there regarding Apparat and its uses for SWF files, we can see that i

ActionScript projects.
Having come to Flash Builder from Flash Develop, it was natural to create ActionScript projects instead of Flex or Flash IDE projects. All this means is that you will not need an FLA or any MXML to compile your Flash. We have found this to be the simplest approach in creating any Flash-based applications.
flashbuilder 300x152 Flash Builder IntroYou create an ActionScript project in Flash Builder th


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photofly Mobile Augmented Reality TestWorking with mobile, 3d and augmented reality is nothing completely new, but still fun! We have worked on applications in the past that use Unity and Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality SDK, but this is our first time trying it out without a 3d application to assist us.
The Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK… has been around for about a year now (that we have known about it), it now works wi

When we were first shown Autodesk PhotoFly… a couple of months ago, all we wanted to do was play with it. We wanted to see if it could really do what it claimed – build 3d assets from photos. So we watched the demo video, downloaded the application, took a couple pictures and ran them through to see what it would spit out.
It was amazing how much 3d detail PhotoFly was able to capture in 3d ! W


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Cult Creative is a digital advertising agency that designs and develops websites for standard and mobile applications. And we have fun doing it.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and drawing on a team of highly skilled creative minds from around the world, Cult Creative is able to bring potent mix of experience and up-to-the-minute technological savvy to any project.

We specialize in social media marketing, consulting and the development of apps for the growing mobile market.

Our team works at the cutting edge of technology, while focusing on delivering quality work.

No job is too big – or too small: That’s because we have the flexibility to scale our teams to the size of the projects involved.

We also believe in the value of play. Because so many of today’s new applications involve entertainment, our own ability to play, experiment and explore helps keep us in tune with the people who use the applications we design. It also helps give us a creative edge by keeping our minds fresh, and open to new possibilities.

profile marc AboutMarc is Cult Creative’s founder and Creative Technologist.He is an award-winning website developer who has worked for top advertising agencies in Canada and the U.S. His portfolio includes an impressive array of work for big-name clients (Burger King, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Domino’s, American Express, Old Navy, Coke Zero, Rolex, Dell and Hyatt Hotels, to name a few) using Flash and other new technologies.

As a partner at Cult Creative, Marc works with clients to develop innovative and effective websites and banners. He does this through deft use of new technologies for mobile and social applications, as well as physical computing.

When he’s not working (which isn’t very often) Marc enjoys golfing, exploring new foods and new places, and connecting with family and friends.

profile krista AboutKrista is Cult Creative’s co-founder and General Manager.A graduate of Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business with a degree in marketing, she also studied Event Management Certification from Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

At Cult Creative, she is responsible for account management, project management, resource management and bookkeeping, as well as public relations. In other words, all the things that need organization and communications skills, as well as a clear vision of both the big picture and day-to-day needs.

When she’s not working Krista, an avid traveller, is probably busy planning her next adventure.


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We welcome queries from both potential clients and freelance web developers interested in joining our team.

For general inquiries send an email to contact@cultcreative.com.

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Cult Creative is based on Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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